Who is Savage Universal?

From our beginning in 1937 as a manufacturer of quality board and paper products, Savage has provided photographers the essential elements for success. Family-run from the start, we have a commitment to quality and innovation that defined who we were in the beginning and still defines who we are today.

Products such as photographic backgrounds continue to be a key focus of our manufacturing efforts, but there’s much more to the Savage story. We’re continuing to develop innovative products, especially in the digital arena, to meet the needs of today’s more diverse photography community—professionals and semiprofessionals alike.

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Featured Articles

  • Opening Your Own Studio

    Opening Your Own Studio

    16 Articles

    Opening your own photography studio is a not a simple decision by any means! Of course, there are many factors to consider such as space, location, budget and branding that will help determine the pros and cons of a new business venture. Take advice here from our pros who have been in your shoes at one time. 

  • Senior Pictures

    Senior Pictures

    7 Articles | 4 Galleries

    High school seniors can be some of your most fun clients to work with! They are young and energetic, excited to model and very active on social media. With just a little bit of practice in how to best cater to them, senior portrait photography can be a very lucrative and fun business for you!

  • Shooting on White Backgrounds

    Shooting on White Backgrounds

    5 Articles | 7 Galleries

    A white background is the most basic, most versatile and perhaps the most important piece of equipment a photographer can have in his/her studio setup.

  • Translum™


    7 Articles | 2 Galleries

    Translum is a versatile and unique, semi-translucent plastic material designed for transforming light and creating stunning visual effects in the studio. It can be used as a light diffuser, tabletop backdrop, cookaloris or portrait background for silhouettes and other creative projects!

  • Collapsible Backdrops

    Collapsible Backdrops

    9 Articles | 13 Galleries

    Collapsible backdrops are an essential piece of gear for any photographer. Portable, compact, and simple to set up and take down, they are the ideal choice for photographers needing a versatile backdrop that can be easily used in studio or on location.

  • Macro Photography

    Macro Photography

    4 Articles | 1 Gallery

    Macro photography brings a special artful element to everyday objects found in the home or in nature, like blades of grass, colorful insects or rusty coins. These ultra-close shots give us insight into the smallest objects that normally go unnoticed and unappreciated as we pass by. 



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