Who is Savage Universal?

From our beginning in 1937 as a manufacturer of quality board and paper products, Savage has provided photographers the essential elements for success. Family-run from the start, we have a commitment to quality and innovation that defined who we were in the beginning and still defines who we are today.

Products such as photographic backgrounds continue to be a key focus of our manufacturing efforts, but there’s much more to the Savage story. We’re continuing to develop innovative products, especially in the digital arena, to meet the needs of today’s more diverse photography community—professionals and semiprofessionals alike.

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Featured Articles

  • Shades of Gray Backdrops

    Shades of Gray Backdrops

    4 Articles | 12 Galleries

    A gray backdrop is a versatile, modern and sophisticated choice for most portrait styles, and is found is most photographers' studios. Here at Savage, we love gray so much, we have 15 unique shades of gray seamless paper we offer! 

  • Pretty Pink Backdrops

    Pretty Pink Backdrops

    2 Articles | 4 Galleries

    One of the easiest ways to add creative photo direction to your shoot is to leverage the psychology of color. The color pink is often associated with love, hope, femininity and calmness. What better a way to convey a specific message or theme in your photo shoot than by using a vibrant, seamless pink photo background?

  • Working with Models

    Working with Models

    9 Articles

    While working with new people in a professional environment can be tricky sometimes, it can also bring new ideas, develop networking connections and create synergy within your shoot. If you have yet to work with professional models, what's holding you back?

  • Pets on Paper

    Pets on Paper

    4 Articles | 7 Galleries

    Seamless paper and vinyl backdrops are most popular for pets, as they are disposable or cleanable once a messy puppy steps off. Using bright or fun colors can help bring out a pet's unique personality, as you can see in the photo galleries below! 

  • Printed Background Paper

    Printed Background Paper

    3 Articles | 18 Galleries

    Solid colored seamless paper backdrops offer an undeniably beautiful and strong foundation to studio portraits. But when you need something extra playful, festive or creative for a special event or client, let Savage's brand-new printed background paper be your solution! 



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